Monday, January 19, 2009

Ultimate SUNNY mixes


Some fan seems to have taken our photos from and made this video of SUNNY by Bobby Hebb

SUNNY Dance Mix by James Brown

Some clever person did a mash-up of
Marvin Gaye, Buddy Richard, Sergio Rivero, Boney M performing SUNNY

John Scofield and Pat Martino over half a million views

Bizarre vocoder mix

SUNNY (Vocoder Mix)
By Cyberwoolf
From Cyberwoolf's Unreleased demo tape,
*Unofficial* Movie.
About Cyberwoolf:

Johnny Rivers performing SUNNY

Tom Jones & Ella Fitzgerald Duet

Olemix Sunny

Shirley Bassey lp version

Bobby Hebb / James Brown mix

Melba Moore singing "Sunny"

The Lettermen "Sunny"

Musiq Sunny (Just Friends)
(from The Nutty Professor with Eddie Murphy, movie)

Jamiroquai - Sunny

Jamiroquai - Sunny 1995 LIVE Glastonbury festival

Sunny by a mom and her son


SUNNY Dance Mix by James Brown

James Brown in Paris, in color different version than B & W

James Brown black & white from Paris

James Brown Tribute Band - Sunny (good copy of James Brown's rendition)

James Brown Live audio only

Big Fan Jazz Quartet

Bobby Hebb on television

Bobby's version with Japanese cd covers

Sunday, August 24, 2008

August 24, 2008 more You Tube versions of SUNNY

Here's an interesting Bobby hebb video on You Tube
(not officially from Bobby, from a fan's site)

Here's James Brown studio version


Stevie wonder studio version
(as of 1-19-09 this version of "Sunny" by Stevie Wonder has disappeared.
Copyright claims by UniMusic or Wonder may have led to its removal)

Stevie Wonder recorded this on STEVIE WONDER LIVE as well as a studio version on
his huge album FOR ONCE IN MY LIFE. There are two versions by Stevie Wonder,
one by Marvin Gaye, one by Mary Wells, a couple by The Four Tops - a studio version
as well as a practice for a TV show that we have to recover from You Tube. Motown related
versions by Willie Mitchell (from Al Green's band), Wilson Pickett would make for a nice
Motown Does Sunny package.

Mary Wells performing "Sunny"

Four Tops studio version

Sinatra & Duke Ellington

un-credited version

Fan version of Sunny

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The You Tube versions of SUNNY -

MELBA MOORE's rendition of "SUNNY" This long lost version, never put on CD, is now on You Tube!

Melba sang backing vocals on Bobby Hebb's hit version.

Also just up, Bobby Hebb and jazz artist Denny Jiosa performing live on
July 12, 2008 in Tennessee. Jiosa has his studio rendition as the soundtrack
with photos from the live event on You Tube

On Wednesday, July 9, 2008, at 8 PM E.S.T., Bobby Hebb and Joe Viglione listened to a variety of different performances of "Sunny" found on YouTube!

Bobby Hebb appreciates each and every musician who took the time to express themselves utilizing his lyrics and chord changes and melody.

He is very gratified to see so many people performing the song long after Mieko Hirota and Dave Pike released their versions in 1965

Dave Pike. Sunny Views: 2,343
For The Set, here is, Dave Pike's version of Sunny. ... dave pike sunny atlantic 1966 vibes soul

and Bobby's own rendition topped the charts in 1966. Bobby toured with The Beatles that year - I've actually heard an audio tape of a Canadian concert and when Bobby performed "Sunny" the response was as loud as the response the Beatles got.

Bobby performs in Watertown, Tennessee on July 12th 2008 with Denny Jiosa.
He will be performing at BillboardLive in Osaka Japan and BillboardLive in
Tokjo Japan sometime this year.

Here's his biography on

Here are the versions of "Sunny" that we listened to tonight, July 9, 2008

01:22 From: pointer2002
Views: 1,648

04:34 From: mikhailst
Views: 4,707

From: carvalhotoze
Views: 1,468

03:51 From: groovetaboo
Views: 11,349

This one is a lovely rendition

The Sheraton Cadwell Group of Music Professionals, purveyor of live musical entertainment for heads of state, diplomats, dignitaries, VIPs and other discerning patrons.

World-class boutique big bands and dance orchestras under their management include the Toronto Starlight Orchestra (, Casablanca Orchestra (, Orchestra Copacabana (, Philips Westin Orchestra (, Sheraton Cadwell Orchestra ( and the Wyndham Regency Orchestra (

Video footage features vocal artist Lisa Levy (

02:36 From: ysabellabrave
Views: 57,231

This is excellent! We really enjoyed them all, however this one has something special!
08:55 From: ijazzmunki
Views: 14,075

01:48 From: puceElectrique
Views: 138

: Re: From
Bobby is on the phone right now - he says "You're smokin', keep on keepin' on."

Re: Re: From

Good work, Mark. Thank you for covering "Sunny"

Here's the letter from Mark Chang:

Joe, this is fantastic! I am honored to have my video posted on Bobby's blog, and to know that Bobby himself will be hearing my version. This really made my day!


Sunny by Bobby Hebb performed live at Paradiso Perduto (Venice) ... sunny bobby hebb suono improvviso ...
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Pat Martino was on my TV show, "Visual Radio". Maybe I'll post some of the interview where
Pat talks about performing "Sunny"

BYRON LANDHAM Drums Special Guest JOHN SCOFIELD Guitar Umbria Jazz Winter #9 ... Sunny Pat Martino Jazz Guitar Gibson ... (more)

Bobby didn't get to listen to these videos yet, but hopes to hear them soon!

02:56 From: kemalino
Views: 1,296

El no quiere cantar en Ingles, porq no es un buen mercado!! A q me refiero, a que el mercado de USA es super chafa. Si no vean q cantante bueno realmente hay hoy dia!!!ES PURO MARKETING y si no me creen preguntenle a Ricky Martin y a Shakira, cayendo a lo mas bajo es cuestion de letrass, ritmos e identidad. No hay nada como el mercado de Latinoamerica, Europa y Asia. Por eso Luis Miguel se ha mantenido en la cima, porq se dio cuenta de lo importante de cantar con inteligencia y no por dinero.

04:10 From: novaku
Views: 69,946
07:57 From: jazzguy69
Views: 6,176

03:48 From: tahitijazz
Views: 1,298

02:22 From: classican
Views: 6,383
04:21 From: jreichbart
Views: 2,614

04:33 From: mattotten
Views: 16,449

bonzo session ... jazz ...
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07:57 From: jazzguy69
Views: 6,176

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Playing my version of the great classic Sunny on my telecaster. Guitarist John Stipe ... Jazz/ Blues/Rock/ Country ...
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02:38 From: YassineSaidi
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02:50 From: coljaz
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02:36 From: ysabellabrave
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02:50 From: SietskeMuller
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06:12 From: Swingadjo Views : 3, 3,338 Added: July 01, 2007 (Less info)
recorded at 18th Jazz Festival Strasbourg France with Samson Schmitt (left), Mike Reinhardt (el. guitar), Yorgui Loeffler (right), Diego Imbert (double bass), Gigi Loeffler aand Branso Schmitt (rh. guitar)
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04:21 From: jreichbart
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02:39 From: 45rpmsingle
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00:51 From: matthiasbuhl1
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04:33 From: mattotten
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Gene and Gilbert playing in a Chinese restaurant in PAPEETE (TAHITI) ... SUNNY JAZZ BASS SOLO TAHITI MANDARIN ...
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03:48 From: tahitijazz
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02:24 From: run15cc
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00:41 From: latchmo
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01:58 From: sgwealti

Latin Cross Band Live Sunny ... Sunny Jazz Latin Cross ...
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02:48 From: NAUDOPRD
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